the heart of teams™

Creating a Culture Where Teams Can Thrive

The program introduces the knowledge, concepts, and skillsets for building team coherence. Through this program, I will provide the team with a HeartMath skillset specially designed to help them increase connectedness, achieve greater team harmony, and enhance their intuition for approaches for solving problems and making decisions.

The Activating the Heart of Teams program includes skills that lead to:

Increased team harmony
Fewer mistakes and errors
Faster, more accurate, and creative decision-making
Shorter meeting times
Increased positive energy and sense of well-being
Enhanced collective intuition for increasing creativity and finding solutions to problems
Increased sense of well-being and appreciation of collective action
Collaborating from a more inclusive perspective
Establishing new baselines for sustained change
Modules Include:

Moving from Discord to Harmony: Coherence is Key
Accessing Collective Intelligence
Relational Energetics: Lifting Team Energy
Raising Personal Vibration for Team Effectiveness
The Power of Positive Energy and Attitudes
Creating Flow in Non-flowing Situations
The Art of Coherent Communication
Activating the Team’s Heart Qualities and Values
Creating Your Team’s Coherence Plan

Additional Topics:

Sources of Relational Tension, Resistance to Change, Close-minded, In-group/Out-group Tensions, Neutralizing Drama, Finger-pointing
Team Assessment

The program includes access to a new team coherence assessment that can be used for pre-post training outcomes.