• well-being

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Live an authentic healthier life,
free from self-imposed limitations.

A healthy life starts with healthy habits. But when it comes to building new habits, where do we even start?

The Chopra Well-being Coaching program is the only program available that integrates meditation training and health coaching by focusing on physical, mental, and spiritual health.

As a Chopra Well-being coach I blend modern well-being practices with Ayurveda - a centuries-old system of health and healing - to offer a whole-self approach and empower personal transformation for our collective well-being by offering guidance and concrete support for every step of the well-being journey.

This program, can help you experience deep transformative healing by unlocking their body’s natural healing abilities.

Acting as a mind, body, spirit guide for my clients, I empower individuals to create self-care routines as unique as they are.

The four cornerstones of the Chopra Coaching methodology, unique to Chopra Coaching Program, will provoke life-changing experiences. They are the integration of Vedic wisdom and coaching psychology, and offer the ability to coach with Ayurvedic principles in mind, tailoring to the individual constitutions or doshas of clients.

● Intention: set an intention, create goals and actions, and find accountability.
● Purpose: discover who you are in the world, based on your strengths and archetypes.
● Meaning: identify and shift limiting thoughts and beliefs that hold you back.
● Shadow: uncover repressed emotions and behaviors and return to wholeness through self-compassion.

As your Chopra Wellbeing Coach, through listening, questioning, and reflecting skills I will help you to:

● Move toward pure awareness.
● Discover your life purpose.
● Access your innermost desires.
● Shift your perspectives.
● Find empowerment to live your most authentic lives.
● Free yourself from self-imposed limitations.
● Create healthy habits.
● Establish well-being.

Join me in this amazing program, with compassion and an open and empowered heart, we can elevate the collective consciousness—inching us closer to more joyful societies, a healthier planet, and a more peaceful world.

Included: 8 Coaching Sessions and Dosha Assessment and Personal Mantra (75 min each, 15 min meditation included)

Tools: Meditation and health practices from Vedic science, along with neuroscience and positive psychology