Find your inner peace.
Learn how to meditate with personalized one on one guidance

Whether you’re new to meditation or a long-time practitioner, conversations with experienced mentors can offer a huge boost to your daily routine, your learning, and life.

In our conversations, we can talk about a whole range of topics: how to create a daily practice that fits your life, how to bring mindfulness into everything you do, how your insights are influencing work, relationships, and home life, how to structure a home practice+study program, how to create your future through meditation, enlightenment and anything else relevant to your spiritual growth.

As your Meditation Mentor, I will help you skip the steep learning curve to quickly experience the benefits of meditation. I will acknowledge why you turned to meditation in the first place, to bring attention to the areas that matter most to you, and will help you craft a personalized meditation practice to meet your needs.

How a Meditation Teacher can Take Your Practice to the Next Level

As you Meditation Mentor through one-on-one virtual sessions, I will:

● Custom meditation plan based on your life situation and goals
● Structures for integrating traditional teachings into daily life
● Support for building self-compassion and kindness
● Intellectual and emotional support as you discover limiting patterns and explore the depths of your heart and mind
● Strengthen your focus, awareness, creativity, and resilience
● Introduce you to higher states of Consciousness and the Unified Field
● Provide you with personalized recommendations and feedback
● Answer all of your questions that come up along the way
● Guide you through meditations developed specifically for you.