online group process

A Proven Process to Awaken Your Divine Intelligence and discover
the mechanics to manifest the life you truly desire: good health,
financial security, and emotional well-being.

Join Laura for this dynamic 12 week online group course, where you will get personal LIVE coaching from Laura.

The Divine Intelligence Process will help you…

● Gain a full understanding of the latest research in neuroscience on how to rewire your brain to tap into an infinite reservoir of energy.
● Understand and receive specific directions on how to transcend your conditioning.
● Remove limiting beliefs that can cause you suffering and sabotage your success.
● Discover the “you” who has been buried underneath years of hurt, grief, pain, tragedies, and more.
● Learn how to dialogue with yourself to replace negative thinking.
● Become internally located to manifest your most authentic desires.
● Manage your emotions and heal traumas that may cause unwanted reactions.
● Connect to your Authentic Self without external influence and LIVE from that sacred space.
● Overcome external happenings to avoid external chaos or drama; live from a space of intention.
● See ALL as ONE connected, unified reflection of your inner world.
● Master your brain: carve out new neuropathways to activate and integrate a new empowered YOU.
● Leave with a brain oriented around consciousness and positivity.
● Truly understand how to activate the innate Divine Intelligence within you and to live from a level of awareness that is available to you at all times.